Aerial Phography and video

Aerial photography and videoing encompasses a large variety of  work. Large properties or land for sale. Do not rely on basic ground photography. Capture stunning aerial views, show the real benefits you are offering to the purchaser. Working on property or land, before and after shots from the air. A drone photo or video gives you a new and exiting prospective. Please look at the videos link and Portfolio link

Advertise your business, Farming Contractor, Gardener, Holiday cottage hire, Equestrian, just a few examples of putting aerial photo or video onto your website. You will stand out from crowd with the normal ground photo video shots.

Fun Days, your own horses, classic cars, weddings, dogs, flower garden, start of a hunt or shoot meeting. or any event you need some great aerial shots.

Live youtube broadcasting

Can broadcast live on youtube. Maybe you have a building project in the shires and you want to catch up on progress without driving to site. Catch up with a family event you cannot make. Keep in contact you can use this service via a link I send to your mobile phones, tablet, iPad, computer. I send you the link, that simple.


Search And Rescue we are part of a nation-wide search and rescue team for lost dogs although we will search for any animal, pet or person that has gone missing. This is a voluntary service provided by drone operators. Please see our SAR blog for further information on dog rescue and how to retrieve a lost dog.

Night flying

Night-time event fully qualified for night flying and photography.

DJI updates and Drone news see our Drone Blog


Risk assessment

Flying safe with all the necessary site risk assessments, is an important part of our service, along with the correct commercial insurance

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