Aerial photography and video

Imagine seeing your event from the sky. Capture that aerial photo & video forever. It could be  a wedding, birthday, start of the hunt  or equestrian event. 4K video quality available.

Need a roof inspection? We can provide the view for you, without the need for a ladder. With 2 million ladders being used every day, they account for 40% of height accidents in the UK. Be safe let a drone do the work. KEEP SAFE. https://www.roofingtoday.co.uk/2019-health-and-safety-statistics/ https://www.hls.co/blog/the-hses-work-at-height-statistics-for-fatal-injuries-in-great-britain-for-2018-2019

Search and rescue?  We already work with volunteer Drones SAR for lost Dogs UK and could help you find livestock, horses or other emergencies.

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Live youtube broadcasting

We have the ability to broadcast in live time. You can view on youtube your event.  In lockdown need to see an item to buy. Maybe you need to see how some building work is progressing, See it in real time, no need travel save time and money.

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Night flying

Fully licensed for night flying.  This is great for weddings and late night events.

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Shire Drone Services

Based in Worcestershire fully qualified pcfo (permission for commercial operations) and CAA approved drone pilot.

Personal and friendly service working in the Shire counties. We welcome both small and medium sized projects including people, animals, property, events, and company promotional events

Free site surveys to discuss and find out your requirements, analyse the project , and risk access.

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